Customer-centric leaders: be excited to excite

Written by Raquel Calleja for Buljan & Partners Consulting

They are the motor which moves the company; they are key gear between strategy and implementation to the client but they are frequently also the most ignored.

Middle managers, so far protagonists only on the paper, acquire visibility and relevance when we are looking for “whom” can empower employees to make the choice of exciting customers and make them stay because they choose to be loyal.

They are the bosses par excellence, and in some cases by demand, not by vocation. So, they go “from one promotion to the other” but without the knowledge or proper recognition to excel in creating memorable experiences to their partners and these to customers.

So what’s needed to have true customer centric middle leaders?

The way to get Mid Management focused on the Customer goes from selecting those with a clear vocation of service and subsequently to developing their emotional intelligence through specialized programs with a clear CUSTUMER CENTRIC orientation.

Becoming a Custumer Centric leader implies three levels of development:

1.     Focus on yourself, connect with what excites you, with what truly “moves” you, and thus you can recognize and create positive emotions in others.

There are 4 top motivations that give a meaning to what we do:

• Learn, develop yourself, evolve and improve.
• Contribute to a cause.
• Leave a trace.
• Help others.

When a middle leader focuses first on him- or herself to see how his/her MISSION fits with his/her work, since helping others means “serving a team who serves a customer well”, the meaning of his / her work is transformed into something truly motivating and exciting.

2. Focus on your customers: not in the common segmentation or typologies, but on what excites each customer. This requires to:

  • Train empathy in order to treat a customer not as you would like to be treated, but as a customer would like to be treated.
  • Think if every step that is taken is oriented to creating positive customer experiences.
  • Communicate constantly with the client to get feedback, but mostly to have information on how to improve the experience that he / she receives.

3. Focus on your collaborators: you should know how to provoke “willingness” in them to provide positive customer experiences, making the job of “serving” an honor and not an easement nobody wants to perform.

“Perform united” is only possible if all hands join with emotions to achieve a common goal.

Creating awareness on the MISSION, focusing on processes and customer behavior and creating an environment where a team can have positive experiences are the new tasks of the new profession that mid managers have to learn: “the emotions manager“.

At Buljan&Partners we are passionate about helping Customer Centric leaders who create positive experiences in teams and these in clients.



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