Customer Centric Culture vs. CRM Strategy

Written by Ricardo Pereira da Silva for Buljan & Partners Consulting

There are companies that believe they changed into being a Customer Centric company or CRM Strategy, only by having a 24/7 Call Center, investing thousands of Euros in CRM software, having an integrated chat on their website or hiring a company that gives politically correct answers to their customers through social networks.

Being Customer Centric is not a strategy to improve brand image that helps capturing more customers. Customer Centricity is a culture whose success rate has its maximum expression in the Customer Experience. It is a culture that begins by the shareholders, which is religiously supported by the CEO and embodied in each member of the team.

Imagine that a millionaire invests in a CRM software to make the company Customer Centric as if by magic;It is so irresponsible as buying the most sophisticated model of Ferrari and put some retreaded tires on it. The most likely outcome for the company is what we see in the photo.

If the most sophisticated car gets into contact with the road through its four tires, the most sophisticated company gets into contact with its customers through the employees. And if they do not know the value each customer has to the people who work in that company, it makes no sense that the most sophisticated company is in contact with the most dissatisfied customers.

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