CRM in times of crisis

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Customer Centricity policies in companies are a must in regular times. But a crisis can boost your company to have a need of efficiency and this would lead to a need of focus on your most important target – your customers. In the following we explain 5 areas where customer centricity can add value;

  • Product focus -> Customer focus
  • Increasing loyalty
  • Organization and efficiency
  • Detect potential services
  • Motivation

Product Focus –> Customer Focus

In previous times good products were just enough to bring you to purchase, since that was the biggest reason to make customers buy. But we are today in a time of more freedom, competitiveness and intelligence than in any other time of history and customers are able to make an extent research in order to find sometimes the best product suited by price or quality.

Increasing loyalty

Considering we have very good products today, what is the key to success of sales? Customer Centricity. This means you need to put your eye on all possible needs of your customers and that does not only include your product and the way you sell it, but also the relationship your company and your customers are going to have. Of course the longer this relationship, the more profitable it will be for both.

This leads us to understand that the sales funnel is a whole cycle – as our whole life is – a relationship with people with ups and downs but absolutely so many downs as possible. This love story will bring your customers again and again to your business. And that is the point – loyalty.

It is important to check all steps of the selling process in your company:

  • The first contact
  • Subsequent contacts
  • Offers, product testing, modifications, questions
  • Sale
  • After-Sale
  • Get back in touch
  • Lost Sales and Postponed Sales

All areas in the company must be committed to succeed in this process. Otherwise the client will chose a competitor to fall in love with.

Organization and efficiency

What is meant by all areas. Finance will have to think of the appropriate prices and costs structures, while marketing is taking care of the client, production should make a product exceeding customers’ needs. HR should understand the whole process to keep people enabled to carry out this task and all this on the purpose of achieving efficient rates.

If a client is our shared target, this will improve interdepartmental efficiency.

Detect potential innovation in services

Defining a customer centricity strategy will make us know ourselves better as well as knowing the client better.

Only by listening to our customers needs and adapting our capabilities to those needs, by creating products and services that add value and we will be able to move with the market and not behind it.


Motivation plays an important role because it’s the employees’ task to find the efficient process of selling and not proceeding with objectives which would never reach the market. Working with a customer focus will show our employees that What they do has a positive effect on the customer, and add value rather than waste time and resources. A satisfactory time at work will reflect on the customer and this will make the process complete.

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