CRM Idol 2013: finalists announced!

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Yesterday 5 out of 12 semi-finalists have made it to the finals of this year´s CRM Idol contest. They are mindtouch, uservoice, cirrus insight, blue camroo, and next principles. You can watch out their products and services on their websites, and have a close look at the demo reviews placed on www.crmidol.com.

What I want to share with you is their mission statements, and how they market their business model by finding the right messages for creating awareness, attraction, and curiosity for trying them out:

  • Mindtouch: “Great companies are made by happy customers. Create user advocates and product experts with MindTouch. Millions use our software every day”
  • Uservoice: “the UserVoice story – a tale about a man, a treadmill, and a lot of happy customers
  • Cirrus Insight: “We hope you love using Cirrus Insight as much as we love building it for you
  • Blue Camroo: “Look, we´ve got a whole website full of that stuff for you, but that´s not why you´re on this page. Is it? You want to know – just what is a Camroo, and are they really blue?”
  • Next Principles: “a platform designed by business users for business users, without the need for 6 months for training or a degree in rocket science”

These messages teach us much more than we think when reading them for the first time:

  • it´s about clarity: don´t waste time and space to write novels about yourself
  • it´s about disruption: don´t bore your audience with what everybody says and already knows
  • it´s about passion: it´s impossible not to feel anything when reading this

And last but not least: it´s about CUSTOMERS. Being in the CRM industry obliges you to be customer-centric. If you did not get this, and still are in business, then start preparing for a shutdown. If you got it, but don´t know how to be customer-centric, this is the place you want to be and follow us.

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