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Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

This summer and autumn is intense and challenging for the international CRM industry, lots of things are happening and confirming that CRM is still not dead! We are currently right into this year’s CRM Idol 2012 contest, checking out some really innovative and promising tools to stir up the industry. Last week (13th to 15th August) THE international conference for CRM – CRMEvolution 2012 – took place in New York City, with the presence of the world’s most known and recognized influencers, practitioners and visionaries. But what I really want to dedicate this post to is something that has never been done by anyone before in the industry: 4 of the most influential CRM subject matter experts – Paul Greenberg, Esteban Kolsky, Denis Pombriant and Brent Leary – will travel Europe during 12 days on a Bus to engage with CRM professionals across Europe. An outstanding and unique event!

Why are they doing this: apart from the uniqueness it is a gesture from the Gurus to be open and available to CRM professionals in Europe, not only “socially” speaking but in personal touch. Even if the community can exchange and debate ideas with the Gurus via the main social media platforms, the bus will stop at 4 locations (Stockholm, Amsterdam, Madrid and Lisbon) to make personal meetings and interactions possible. It’s a combination of the traditional world with the social world, with the clear objective to position the relevance of CRM in today’s society and business environment: companies cannot afford anymore to do nothing, and if you have no CRM expertise it is difficult to find your way amongst the CRM marketplace. And it is FUN to travel 12 days across Europe on a Bus!

When is the tour taking place: In October 2012, starting on the 15th of October in Stockholm and concluding on the 25th of October in Lisbon.

I personally think that this bus tour will leave a significant and personal touch on CRM in Europe: while most companies (both multinationals and SMBs) have already invested in CRM processes and tools, in many cases they still don’t see the “real” return on investment. Have sales gone up due to CRM? Are customers more loyal due to CRM? Is CRM correctly positioned inside of the companies or just seen as an additional activity within marketing or sales or service? Interacting real-time with the subject matter experts will help to find answers to these questions, as they share knowledge especially of a market that was the first to invent CRM: the US market. And the US market is different from Europe, where we know that CRM cannot work without the people representing an organization in each customer interaction. And people management in Europe is different from people management in the US. Having an integrated view on that issue is the value this tour is adding to the CRM industry in Europe.

I invite you to be part of this experience, check out the website for more details and registration for the local events: www.crmbustour.com.


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