Conscious Capitalism is a movement that was born with the vocation of influencing all those people and companies that believe in a type of capitalism capable of being the engine of the development of humanity, where private companies are an active and essential part of this evolution towards a better world.
Philosophy of the Conscious Capitalism Foundation
Its philosophy is based on these 4 pillars with which our company feels fully identified:
Higher Purpose: Money is not the ultimate purpose of the organization, but rather a means to a purpose.
Conscious Culture: A culture oriented towards people (clients, employees, partners, society …) and towards collaborative values versus competitive ones.
Conscious Leadership: The leader at the service of the team and not the team at the service of the leader.
Stakeholder integration: systemic perspective of all the agents involved. A conscientious business cannot be a zero-sum game.
Conscious Capitalism is a movement founded by Raj Sisodia and John Mackey in 2010 with the purpose of uplifting humanity through business. The Conscious Capitalism Foundation emerged in 2015 in Barcelona and is currently the only chapter in Europe. It has more than 100 partner organizations, including HolaLuz, Sandwichez, Voxel Group and now also Buljan & Partners.
If you find the project and its purpose interesting, we encourage you to visit their website and see all the training activities, meetups, leadership circles that they organize and read some of their interesting articles related to other ways of managing, communicating and living the companies.
Web: https://capitalismoconsciente.es/
* We are grateful to the Conscious Capitalism Foundation for the information provided for the writing of this article.