8 recommendations to keep calm and boost Customer Experience during a global crisis

coronavirus customer experience

In light of the global crisis motivated by Coronavirus and the vital challenges that we now face as a society, at Buljan&Partners we want to keep providing value and therefore share knowledge with our contacts network, doing as best as we can to spread solidarity.

As a first post, we have elaborated a list of 8 recommendations that help and inspire Customer Experience management as well as the business during this period of confinement and uncertainty.

We truly hope these advices are helpful and that they can be put into practice as soon as possible.

Here they go!


Recommendation 1: Flexibility

Try to really show that the customer is the center. This means, facilitate everything as much as we can. For example, if he needs to cancel or postpone compromises with us, do not be hesitant or set deadlines for 2020. Also, if the customer asks to pay in a more flexible way, we shall offer broader deadlines without charging interest rates due to delay.

Recommendation 2: Adapted content

Create and diffuse online content focused on communicating and assuring a key idea: “We are by your side”. It is not about selling in these difficult times but adding value and sharing content that has sense regarding this period of time. This way we will be able to maintain communication, the bond we had, and we will still be present at the customer’s mind and heart.

Recommendation 3: Get to know us better

Provide information pills and advice to know and improve the use of our product or service. Webinars, trainings, videos, SMS sending or even chatting with the customer are a few examples. We will offer the customer the possibility to occupy his/her time at home by getting to know us better in an entertaining and easy way. And no additional costs, of course.

Recommendation 4: We care about the customer’s wellness

Look, choose and offer information and recommendations for reliable sources for these days of family confinement or even loneliness. Give proposals and inspire to care for the physical, emotional and mental health. We shall show our compromise with his/her welfare as well as closeness and humanity.

Recommendation 5: Maintain and strengthen human networks

Think and set up online activities that may surprise the customer and help him/her go through these difficult times. For example, online congresses, professional advice sessions, free access to educational content, calls or emails from the CEO of the company, boost the sharing of solidarity experience, etc. The surprises, fun and entertainment will boost recommendations and the desire to share their positive experiences through social media (Virtual word of mouth).

Recommendation 6: Co-creation with the customer

Contact with selected customers and propose them to help us improve their experience with our company. Set up a call or video conference and ask them what we could do better, what are their actual needs, what technology we do not use that they may value, etc. This exercise will help us improve their “Customer Journey” and get back to normal activity with a deeper knowledge of the customer, therefore doing the homework. Directly from the company to the customer, without using long NPS surveys.

Recommendation 7: United and creative teams

Organize online meetings with the company teams to start brainstorming: How may we improve the experience of our customers? What have we learnt during the last months? What do customers expect from us? Now we have time and agenda availability to talk, listen, share learn and create in benefit of the customer and the company.

Recommendation 8: Continuous improvement and learning

Keep improving and learning. Learn from those companies that are doing a great job and think about which actions we can propose to our company that may improve customer experience. It is about being thoughtful, participate in discussion forums, follow social media experts, etc. It is about being watchful to know the best practices and take note of great examples, not only from companies from our sector but also from others.


During these days we have observed ideal attitude from almost all telephony sector offering without additional cost an increase on data connectivity; supermarkets rewarding employees for handling more customers on peaks of work while assuring excellent treat; hotel chains offering their infrastructure to use as hospitals… The solidarity examples are many and give us several ideas of how to be a company focused on the people, during a longer period of time past this crisis.

Our wish is to take advantage of this complex and extraordinary situation to look back on the most essential things of our lives: the people, emotions, our health and our planet. If we all give, we will receive. As simple as that.

All the teams at Buljan&Partners send a lot of strength and best wishes, this situation will end and will help us see the world in a more empathic and caring way.

A virtual hug!