“Back to school” and Customer Experience

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting 

The crisis in Spain is officially coming to an end; there are more foreign investments and labor market is starting to move again. Thus, we have been vacationing with less fear and more hope.During the summer months we disconnect, live life without stress, commitments or rules of conduct. We are more relaxed and better equipped to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise.

On second thought, this is the mood that best supports delivering exemplary customer service and creating “memorable” experiences for our clients. When we embrace this “summertime’ attitude we don’t act based on protocol, but rather we use common sense to create good solutions to our problems.

Imagine this scene: a group of professionals are returning to the office after the holiday season. They are likely to feel relaxed and recharged. But how do we apply this feeling to employee engagement as a whole?

A holiday to offer a change of attitude

Organizations have to work hard to succeed. To optimize their potential they must treat the people working for them as mini-organizations.

A business is nothing without its employees; therefore it is not possible to move forward without fully dedicating ourselves to our staff.

From an organizational perspective, social and emotional dimensions have a direct relation to human interaction and how people are treated at all levels.

The “back to school” experience can be embraced by companies if they focus on providing positive experiences for their staff by benefiting from the feelings of tranquility left by the holidays. What can I learn from my personality during the holidays to start the new work year with joy, motivation, desire and goals?

The news is always full of the “post-holiday depression”. What if we change the language in the media to “post-holiday motivation”?

The “back to school” season is just what it implies: we see friends, we share the adventures during the holidays, we know we have to get good grades and perform just the same as in the previous year. We have new teachers, courses, and will learn new things. Students are accustomed to living with continuous change and are constantly facing new challenges. We need to do this in businesses as well.

The result will be employees who are more motivated. They will not return to “business as usual”, but instead will work to improve the customer experience!

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