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Our client is a premium vehicle manufacturer and is amongst the top three brands worldwide. Its distribution model is through a network of dealers that are the main point of contact with the end customer. At the beginning of the millennium, the company began a transformation from a product-centric strategy to a customer-centric strategy, in order to better understand its end-customers, their need for products and services and in order to offer them a customer experience that increases loyalty towards the company’s brands.

Customer Centric Transformation Plan

The customer-centric transformation plan began by identifying and implementing the necessary changes in processes and technology in the parent company, a “natural” starting point to innovate in a business model based on technological excellence and quality.

The transformation began in selected countries at the largest dealerships together with the company’s other lines of business (financial services, fleet management, etc.) in an attempt to ensure cross-company buy-in and support from for the roll-out of the new strategic programme from the very start.

The change of computer systems and processes in the management of the relationship with customers (CRM) is a long-term initiative. It includes support for the change-management initiative such as raising awareness, communication, training, mentoring and coaching.

What are the necessary changes in the organizational culture?

In the second phase, they identified the changes needed in the organizational culture and in shared corporate values of employees, partners and dealers based on the question “What do we want to become in order to be relevant for our clients in the future”. Each group identified their abilities and this information was later included in an important talent management program.

KPI’s to support Change Management

To ensure follow-up on the initiatives and assess their impact on customer loyalty, a Voice of the Customer programme was set-up based on a previously defined customer journey. Daily customer feedback is used with increasing frequency to support the change management programme and create the organizational habits needed to become a customer-centric company.

Customer Centric Strategic Transformation Program

Our role in the company’s transformation programme has been to support the implementation of customer-centric processes and technology in the parent company, the implementation of change management and training in several international branches, the transformation of different lines of business and extensive coaching and mentoring work within the dealer networks. Our client has relied on our support for more than 10 years and this is the best recommendation we could wish for.

The main results for our client have been continuous improvement in their NPS score as measured in their Voice of Customer programme, together with greater organizational engagement of the main players at international level.

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