What do you believe to be the main obstacles preventing your company form combining brand promise with customer experience?

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Last April 2018, Buljan & Partners Consulting together with the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (marcasrenombradas.com/) and ESADE, carried out the “First maturity research on brand experience in Spanish companies”.

There were 44 companies from 10 different sectors participating, with the overall objective of assessing the development of Customer Experience, this research has produced interesting data which, little by little, we will be looking further into.

In this post we will specifically reflect on an open question put to those surveyed, in which they explained the main obstacles faced when trying to combine brand promise and customer experience. As expected, the obstacles were different for each party due to different companies being able to provide different customer experiences.

Nevertheless, we can place these obstacles into 10 main categories:

  • “People”: In this category a lack of team commitment and training, a limited amount of “sponsorship” from the CEO, and no communication between teams are the main problems.
  • “Legal issues”: These are seen as a barrier when it comes to customer experience.
  • “Lack of time for the customer”: This is explained as a lack of resources, in which the daily carelessness of the day-to-day management of the company has a negative effect on the relationship with the customer.
  • “Listening to the customer”: This is defined as poor management of the Customer Opinion, meaning that their needs are not identified.
  • “Procedures”: A lack of flexibility in procedures or non-transversal projects.
  • “Results”: This is when a need for volume production, short-term visions and a lack of investment are the main preventions for the correct management of customer experience with the brand.
  • “Culture”: Historical legacies and internal organization.
  • “The experience being in the hands of others”: The distribution of the product is performed by third parties, and there is no control over the supply chain.
  • “The market”: Market diversity, target market diversity, or sections that make standing out from the competition a real challenge.
  • “A lack of knowledge”: This is where we look at the responses which appear to say that there are no obstacles, or which do not know what those obstacles are.

You may be able to identify with some of the obstacles facing Spanish companies. In my opinion, these results are a good representation of what is currently being said in business meetings and conferences across the country.

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Miguel Sanz is a Customer Experience Management expert and has experience in CRM and Project Management in various different industries dating back to 2009. Find out more about Miguel:

Access the full report here: marcasrenombradas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ESTUDIO-DE-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-CLIENTE-A-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-MARCA.pdf

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