The Air Freight Customer Experience | Case Study

air services company

Customer Centric Cultural Transformation

A company from the airline sector decided to carry out a customer-centric cultural transformation that included the following elements:

  • Identifying the degree of customer orientation of each employee.
  • Creating awareness and understanding the impact of each role in the customer experience.
  • Specific training to generate memorable experiences alongside the procedures established by the company for each point of interaction along the Customer Journey.
  • Sustaining the change with monthly reminders about competence, skills, procedures for each department and for each person by means of an individual action plan.
  • And all this accompanied by gamification; a digitally based, cross-company motivational tool.

The customer experience as a strategic key

The objectives to be addressed with this cultural transformation are to understand the importance of Customer Experience as a strategic imperative for remaining competitive in this sector and how to translate this strategy into day-to-day operations and impact on the company’s culture and work practices.


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