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Written by Elisabete Zubiarrain for Buljan & Partners Consulting

At the start of July, I attended the 20:20_CX Summit in London, an event dedicated to Customer Experience, participating in which were a range of very interesting speakers who looked at CX from numerous different angles. Events kicked off with a look at companies’ customer focus, moving on to how to effectively manage a company obsessed with the customer or go about laying solid foundations for a company to execute a CX strategy.

All of this was done keeping in mind employees’ commitment to their company and that of their company’s toward them, with a major focus on obtaining and measuring the ROI of the initiative or investment in question, as well as the implementation and consolidation of a CX culture within a company.

Customer data capture and management technology

Amidst all of this, several people have shared their experiences and explained which tools they’ve deployed to perform these processes of change and consolidation. We’ve seen the enormous potential of working with the latest data capture and management technology to optimize our understanding of client requirements and be able to foresee them. Without adequate tech support it would be impossible nowadays to conceive an extraordinary experience, since there’s no avoiding the fact that digitalization is simply a fact. We have witnessed technologies that are almost hypnotic, dynamic and full of content capable of carrying out highly complex operations of huge complexity in record time. Indeed, there’s an overwhelming sensation that the future is already our present and is pushing us toward a new future in which an equilibrium exists between cutting-edge technology and execution.

Automation of tasks through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An execution performed by people and machines in parallel. Task automation becomes inevitable and certainly desirable but that’s not all. It entails coexistence and surrendering ourselves to what lies ahead, without it meaning having to eliminate the added value which personal interaction brings and that up until now Artificial Intelligence still hasn’t proved capable of replacing. This interaction which is created by people for people, with the understanding of your interlocutor’s emotions and empathizing with them in a way only people know how. It comes down to analyzing data that machines don’t understand through Artificial Intelligence using human intelligence. Data analysis companies of information acquired through Artificial Intelligence told me nowadays there is still about 20% of analysis that their software isn’t able to carry out and that they employ a group of experts to perform it.

The importance of people in decision making

Finally, it’s people at the top level of the execution that machines aren’t able to dispense with. We invest a vast amount (time and money) on development, refinement and implementation of these tools which is absolutely essential yet a lot of time we forget about what’s most important – our teams. We shouldn’t abandon the training, development and improvement of the best “technology” companies possess which is, without doubt, their employees.

Elisabete Zubiarrain is HR responsible at Buljan & Partners Consulting. Eli is specialist in Talent management and HR recruiting accross several industries at Buljan since 2010.

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