A great example of the difference between CRM and CCM

Written by Ricardo Pereira da Silva for Buljan & Partners Consulting

A great example of the difference between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CCM (Customer Centric Management)

Or in other words, the demonstration that CRM is only a facilitator of relationships and interactions, but not enough per se to generate emotional loyalty between a customer and a brand.

Here are some good examples of what this video offers:

– Having a present and interactive relation with customers is not enough to win their hearts, but just to get into their wallets (at least until they find a company that is truly dedicated to them).

– This operator (Nuria) works in a call center for a telecommunications brand and has to follow a script, which is usually based on a CRM strategy. This script was prepared by someone for whom a customer is just a series of numbers, ratios, KPIs etc. but never a person. So never by the person because of whom Nuria receives her salary at the end of the month: the Customer; the same customer who decides where to spend his money in this company or another.

– It’s not only the customer (Enrique) who becomes aware of this very quickly. We have all found ourselves in situations where we turn to companies who present themselves as interactive and close to their customers; companies who claim to be doing everything for their customers and shout this from the rooftops, but as soon as we get in touch with a call centre of one of those brands and are dealt with as if we were just a number, we understand all this is just a strategy to capture customers, not a culture.

– In order to convince Nuria to give him what he needs, Enrique uses an essential rule of he Customer Intimacy Process: he’s looking for signs that allow him to identify and create intimacy with Nuria; he tries demagoguery, analogy, complicity and in the end tries to find a point of emotional contact between them (in this case he finds out, by chance, that she also has a dog). This is only a small example that demonstrates the importance in a relation (not only commercial) of knowing how to listen, pay attention and find out what really moves a customer on an emotional level.

– This video also shows us that if the whole company and each of its employees are not inspired by the same culture, without exception, and do not believe in that culture, even the largest of projects are doomed. In this case, Nuria was carried away by her personal sense of focusing on the customer. It is an excellent example of Customer Centricity. But it is also a clear example of the failure of one of the fundamental pillars of a process in acculturation companies: Human Resources. That is, to teach a person to be customer oriented. Nuria had to break the company’s CRM policy, which dictates that telephone operators should be as fast as they can and should stick to the script when answering a call from a client.

In short, this video clearly shows that CRM is a tool, which can be very useful in a business with a customer-centric culture. But it can never be a process that guarantees achieving something much more important for brands than loyalty processes: emotional loyalty of the customer.

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