2 examples of “putting yourself in your customer’s shoes”

being in your customer shoes

By Ricardo Silva and Juan Sánchez for Buljan & Partners Consulting

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Becoming a customer-centric organisation is a complex process, as it involves all the company levels and entails changing the way the people involved think. However, there are quick wins that, if applied correctly, can make the process easier. Find two examples illustrating these ideas below.

EXAMPLE # 1. VÍDEO: “Testing a building”

This video shows how someone goes through a building in a wheelchair until reaching a barrier that blocks his way. What is surprising about this is that he ends up standing up. In fact, he is an employee putting himself in the customer’s place. This experience helps us understand that looking at our organization “outside-in” can make a difference, since we will be able to understand factors that we would otherwise overlook.

Listening to the customer at all times and through all possible channels is a key factor. However, that is not enough. It is essential to take a step forward to perfectly understand the customer’s needs and relation with us.


EXAMPLE # 2. PICTURE “Hotel good practice”

Hotel detalle con cliente v2

In this picture, we can see a real case shared by someone on his/her social network profile. The image shows what a customer’s good experience is: to offer him more than expected (if a customer’s toothpaste is nearly finished, it is clear that the client will appreciate the fact that someone cares and provides a new one).

By interpreting this experience from an economic point of view, doing the math is easy: the hotel invested 3-4 Euro in a toothpaste but earned its customer’s trust. This customer will more likely use the hotel’s services when h/she is in town again and will recommend this hotel to friends and family.

These two experiences show that, in order to become a customer-centric organization, we must start using guidelines created by the company’s employees with adequate skills, based on using empathy, logic and common sense.

Ricardo Pereira da Silva is Country Manager for Portugal at Buljan & Partners Consulting. Ricardo is a specialist on Customer Centric Management and Marketing since 1996.

More about Ricardo:

  • r.silva@buljanandpartners.com
  • https://pt.linkedin.com/in/ricardopereirasilva

Juan Sánchez Vico is Junior Consultant at Buljan & Partners Consulting. Juan is specialist on Customer Centric Technology Leadership and CRM since 2013.

More about Juan:

  • j.sanchez@buljanandpartners.com
  • https://es.linkedin.com/pub/juan-sánchez-vico/75/253/366
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